Just for an inkling of me behind this space.

Im in my mid-20s; still experiencing what life has to give and what I have to give back to life. You know how life can be a bitch.

I would love to spend more time with this space of mine but not till the point of having to take photo of every single food I place into my mouth (after the photo of course) or having to obsess about Photo-Shopping my photos till they look perfectly poreless (I’m not aiming for flawless, duh). And isn’t it funny, Photo-Shop… I love to shop, but not for that.

Shopping. Is an activity I must cease to enjoy so much. I need to start my own savings plans and yadah yadah, stuff that adults in their mid-20s should sensibly start doing. I will get there. I have a housing loan to pay off…

Love and life is intricately related. But I am adding work into the equation. Work or career as I can fortunately call this to be, is something I am looking to working on. (well, pun unintended?)

Love is not simple. Perhaps we all are polygamists. I have had this chat with my friend before and I think I should suss out more opinions and perspectives, hence the perhaps.

Quando. Yes, I did learn some Spanish while in school. It was all great fun while it lasted. May I get to travel to Spain one day and have helleva time conversing with the Spaniards! 😉

You will find that I probably am more similar than different to you.

And why am I LADY HAHA? It dates back to a few years back with Lady GaGa’s entry into the pop music scene and there I was… fascinated and sharing a little of her fame amongst my friends with my outrageous (imaginary) dress sense and vulgar um, language? Too much to explain, too little space (and time). Well, well.


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