May surprises!

Honestly, I have been rather excited to receive the mail man these few months. The Vanity trove team is on fire!

The surprises in the May box match up well to those in the April edition! I have written a post on the May edition. Scroll back to read!


The May edition is especially useful fot me as I will be travelling to Bangkok for a short trip. Small tubes of facial wash, UV sunblock and even bath salts are just what I need to pack along on such trips!


And a multi purpose face and eye cleansing gel is just what I need! Plus it is enriched with rose petals. I am enjoying my REN rose body oil to replenish lost moisture in my skin and to complement my regime, im sure Nuxe’s fondant cleansing gel will fit in just fine…

Lunamer is a range under the famed Astalift. It boosts moisture level as well as increasing luminosity of the skin by having brightening properties. Being under the strong sun for the recent Spring Wave concert at Gardens by the Bay, my freckles have darkened significantly and my complexion just looks dirty.. im hoping this will help in sunny Bangkok!

KOSE is a brand that does not need any introduction. Deep protection UV- anoyher star product for the sunny season in singapore.

I have used Aquarine’s balt salts before and they work well. Except that it stings my broken skin really badly due to the sea salt content.

Im interested in the Rescue Pastilles! Looking at the ingredients list alone, I am intrigued by the red cabbage and carrot extracts as well as the various flower essences… health food, they say.


The facial mask by go60 will be put to good test in bangkok as well. If you havent already know I have extremely erratic skin. A lot of dry and sensitive patches that require regular masking to keep them stable. This mask has aloe vera gel and collagen in it… will report on the hydration level when im done using it!

Feminine washes are always good. U should try using if you havent already. Very good for the monthlies. 😉

And a special mention to the Vanity magazine that comes in each box. I love reading them for the little practical tips and trends and introduction to items in the box. Very well done, team Vanity Trove!

And as we speak, the June edition has arrived and it just keeps getting better…….!


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