Shoe mania

Christmas shopping has just kicked in. I was on a shoe mania lately. This is unprecedented I must say.

With the newly opened Vince Camuto bringing in their house brand, Jessica Simpson and BCBG shoes at ion, I just had to stop by and try some on. Eventually I gave in and bought a pair of Jessica’s. This was the fourth pair in two weeks.

I planned to buy my first ever pair of 6-inch heels to match my Raoul gown… (guess which?) And scoured the whole of orchard for them.

Steve Madden and Aldo were stores to have stocked these high heels. Guess, was on my list too but they fell short of my height requirement.

Here’s a glamorous pair of shoes from Steve Madden I tried and almost fell in love with…


It’s studded with crystals and metal studs. Giving the shoe a textured look in a zebra print pattern. It was quite comfortable as well… this is about sgd299.

Then I went into Aldo and found my perfect pair in the end. However I went to about 4 Aldo stores to find the perfect size and nicely studded/workmanship pair. It costed sgd199.

And in my frenzy, I tried on their special collection booties.


Love it. Laced up booties. But I found the colour a little too much to match my clothes. It was about sgd399 and they had it on 20% off. Nah I thought. Over my budget.

But I caved! I had my friend help me order it online in the USA. I’ll be getting them for Christmas! ❤ This is the one I ordered at a fraction of the price sold here.

It’s the Aldo Rise series in Preen, green floral design. It is zipped up instead of laced up. Cannot wait to have them on! The key is to not fall down in them, hehe.

But I realised while having 6 inches more trains my balancing skills, it also makes me more aware of how I walk and the speed I should manage at. I am always rushing and weaving through the crowds… surely I cannot do that in these platform heels anymore. I have also adopted this habit my girlfriend taught me, that is to bring along a pair of shoes that fit with the clothes but is wayyyy more comfortable (think: lower) so that I can alternate if needed especially for a night out. 🙂

Men, yes, the price of beauty. 😛


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