K-Palette Makeover @ SaSa JP

Was very happy to be invited to get a makeover by K-Palette! They have flown in a Japanese makeup artist for this event.

I have heard a lot of rave reviews for K-Palette’s eyeliners and eyebrow liners… but have never got down to trying them as I have current ones that Im using and trying to finish.

This makeover was such a good chance to be introduced to the brand and to have a short test run with the products!

I came down to Jurong Point SaSa with no makeup on that day. Just used some Jurlique’s Skin Balancing Facial Oil to top up the moisture factor in my drying skin… (havent had time to take care of my face since work got a little crazy…)

This is the display shelf at SaSa, JP. Compact and very suited for you to try out the items! The big mirror helps, the TVC helps to understand the product in just a few secs and the testers are well labelled and displayed!

barefaced. notice my double vs triple eyelids??? 0.o

applying the Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealor in 1 (natural biege) all over my eye and undereye to conceal and act as a primer.

She powdered over the eye area to help it with sebum control on my eyelids…

I love this product! I took it home and tried it on for over a week now. It works so good on my dry eye areas and brightens up the eye area so nicely…! REVIEW SOON.

Also applied some foundation on parts that needed concealing of redness and discolouration… It is overall very minimal base makeup. Which is good!

The army of K-Palette products!

Eyeliner now.. 😀 It is so black and pigmented and fine that the line drawn accentuated my eyes well!

This is the 24hr WP (waterproof version). in black.

For upper eyeline.

Cleaning up after using the BROWN version on my lower eyelash line for a more natural look…

Halfway now…

Using the new K-Palette MASCARA on me! Love how it’s so Japanese, to give the dolly eyes that is so nice! Does not use micro fibers and keeps lashes up all day! REVIEW SOON.

eyebrow time! I have realised for myself how important is the filling in of brows! and I love the one K-Palette has. It is duo ended with a brow powder and a marker.

She finished up with some bronzer and blush. and lip gloss.

See how much better i look now??? She’s a very pretty lady with good skin and is very nice too. She cannot speak English so we had a translator 🙂

I think it was very eyecatching as I shopped around JP after this and caught many people looking at my eyes… or noticing me as I walked past them!

Close up shot of me. She did a lavender and mint green eyeshadow look for me which I LOVED.

The lashes look soooo good! The eye liner was natural and accentuated my eye shape well. The eyebrows were natural!

super close up of the eyelashes and eyebrow… look at how fine the eyeliner is drawn!

It’s an overall natural and comfortable everyday look. Best thing is my removal took less than 5 minutes! No tugging of my lashes as you wash easily wash it off with water!

You should watch out for my reviews of the items!!!!! ❤

Thank you SaSa and K-Palette for the chance to try out your items. They are so affordable, easy to use and gorgeous on the face! ❤


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