What’s New?– Maybelline HyperCosmos eyeshadows

I love marblelized eyeshadows! Love how they look in the pans and how they look swirled together and when picked apart by the brush.

I had seen these Maybelline ones online in drugstore.com but those were different from the HyperCosmos one Im talking about today.

Maybelline has put it in the best way possible:

Eyeshadows – for many women, they are a no-go zone filled with traps for the innocent. Overdo the smoky effects and you can look like you’ve copped a pair of black eyes during a street fight. Pile on the sparkle and you can look like you’ve had a tussle with a Christmas tree and come off worse for wear.

I have had my own nightmares of eye makeup gone wrong; when less is more and more is well, just too much! Here is Maybelline’s solution:

However, the new HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow palettes from Maybelline New York prevent all women from committing these common eyeshadow offences.

Covering a constellation of seven gorgeous shades, HyperCosmos is born of new baked eyeshadow technology: an innovative baking process that removes excess water pigments to make way for pure, intense, saturated colour. Adding lustre to colour, its divine not-too-dull-not-too-shiny shimmer arises from a unique combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments. Each palette contains two complementary tones of marbelised colour for effortless mixing and blending.

Sweep your lids with HyperCosmos and send your fashion cred soaring into the upper stratosphere of the… HyperCosmos!


I had been given all 7 eyeshadow duo palettes to try and first up, are swatches.

These are done with dry and wet brushes/fingers. I used an EcoTools brush to pick up the colour but nothing beats using my fingers… 😛

First up,


It is a lovely yellow-gold matched with a marblelized blue duo.

The above show dry swatches. The gold has a metallic quality to it. The blue is quite pearlised with slight random sparkles of baby blue when viewed at different angles.

The wet swatches are the outermost ones. Expect greater colour intensity. I am sure I didnt pick up enough product for the colours to show. But then again, these are easily buildable.



This is another blue shade, more milky/baby blue without much marblelizing and a frost biege/yellow marblelized duo.


Wet swatches are the ones outside on both ends.

Unfortunately, my camera picks up the yellow a lot. It is not as yellow as LG-1 for sure. This is much warmer and easily to blend out for a day look.

The blue is a tad lighter in shade, but with the same random sparkles as LG-1.



My favourite of the bunch. I love my greens so this shouldnt come as a surprise!

Dirty gold with olive green gold marblelized duo.

Absolutely lovely. Great for smoky eyes!

Colour payoff is great for this.



This is a peach and pink duo combo. Pink is frosted.

Wetter swatches are on the right.

Peach toned eyeshadows are a great alternative to neutral browns for work. Adds some softness to the overall look. Just beware of the frostiness!



This is a lovely mix of darker pink and marblelized brown that is very complimentary to the pink…

Wetter swatches on your left!

I love the brown on its own, dry. Very blendable and appropriate for work. Reminds me of a UD shade too.

The pink leans purple as compared to PC-1.



This is a maroon coloured shade paired with a golden brown marblelized shade.

Wetter swatches on my right! (duh)

Lovely lovely complementary shades! Just gotta be careful about bruising my eyes with the maroon! :/


This is brown duo, with a more metallic marblelized light brown shade.

Wetter shades on your right!

They both blend well together, ultra flattering and fool-proof duo that EVERYONE can use!

It is much more metallic in texture than a shimmer one. Which is great for metallic sexy eyes that is quite the trend now.

Colour payoff is great as these are soft to the touch.

If you inspect the swatches carefully, these duos can be used in a mix and match fashion. For example, the green can be paired with either blue shades and the other complementary shade as an inner corner sparkle. It is fun to play with these duos.

The only flip side is that you need to force a nail in to open the plastic casing. And there is little room to hold it steady so I risk dropping these lovely Cosmos each time I use them. Be extremely careful, you dont want to break them.

Also, some shades seem to shift around the pan as I press my finger pad on the surface to get some. Not a big deal as long as they dont separate from the pan!

These babies cost a mere: S$17.90 each!

You may get them from Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa, selected department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarts!

Look out for their release soon! Meanwhile, I might just be happy to have a duo for use each day of the week! 😉

Makeup tip from makeup maestro Larry Yeo: Sweep the darker shade of the duo just till where your eye socket is, and then use the lighter shade from the inner half of your eye!


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