what’s in my Elianto 10-pan palette?

There have been a few kinds of palettes out there, the empty pan ones. Z-palette, Elianto’s, Urban Decay’s… Of course, not all palettes are equal, some are more equal than others.

I was a sucker (maybe still am) for cheap, safe quality and soft eyeshadows. Elianto’s eyeshadows havent disappoint from what I have been reading online. In my recent short trips to KL, I have acquired a safe number that warranted both a 4-pan palette and a 10-pan palette.

The sizes of their pans are quite normal, as you can see later.

A study plastic case, with tendrils-like patterns and a simple Elianto logo.

A matte grey eyeshadow, pearlized peach, olive green and turquoise. All from Elianto.

From top left: Stila’s Rose blush, Stila’s duo pan eyeshadow in Punaluu, Elianto’s red and yellow matte eyeshadow.

Apart from the repeated images of Stila’s additions, there’s also Stila’s Kalo (lime green) and Batura (matte navy blue).

The Stila pans fit in well, just slightly looser than the Elianto ones.

Unfortunately, I have yet to test out the eyeshadows! I have used the Rose pan though…

And I am pretty sure the Stilas I have are discontinued ones 😛


I have more palettes to showcase in my up coming posts, hope this has been colourful 😉



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