Posted in August 2012

Wax XXX Brazilian Wax Review!

Heard about Brazilian Wax? Bikini Wax? Waxing? You must have. This is an emerging trend in Singapore, with the Europeans probably starting it some decades ago. Back when I was working in the Spa Industry, we have had our expat clients coming in regularly to have their waxing done. I used to shave, or rather, … Continue reading

Shu Uemura novadiva palette

Here are some photos of my first ever Shu Uemura’s eyeshadow palette… There’s a midnight blue, a fine golden-brown tone and a absolutely delightful shimmery cream highlighter. The brown shade ME885 was released as part of the Novadiva launch. It’s a great shade to work with, soft and almost no fall out… a notch higher … Continue reading

what’s in my Elianto 10-pan palette?

There have been a few kinds of palettes out there, the empty pan ones. Z-palette, Elianto’s, Urban Decay’s… Of course, not all palettes are equal, some are more equal than others. I was a sucker (maybe still am) for cheap, safe quality and soft eyeshadows. Elianto’s eyeshadows havent disappoint from what I have been reading … Continue reading