Posted in July 2012

China Glaze: ick a body + lubu heels

Lubu heels is a blackened base with red glitter. Mesmerizing to look at under the sun. Lubu is short and endearing for louboutin. You know, those heels with a red under sole? Yeaaaaah. Ick a body is a Halloween exclusive polish by China Glaze. I loved the swatches online and had to get it. The … Continue reading

Summertime Sadness; no more!

Summertime sadness is a song title by Lana Del Rey. Well, summertime sadness now for me as rainy days are here. These thunderstorms dont make for good play in the sun. SUNPLAY, the number one sunscreen brand in Japan, has some new products! I was sponsored with these products to play with. I am so … Continue reading

Artistes I love- Kimbra

Kimbra is as new to me as Gotye is. I read about the song ;Somebody that I used to Know on ThoughtCatalog. Searched it up, heard it. And then went straight to Kimbra. And I fell in love with this song particularly. Old Flame. But I flicker and sway Still dancing on the aftertaste I … Continue reading

Maybelline new releases

Maybe she’s Maybelline! And I grew up with this commercial I remember. The tagline that’s stuck in my head each time I catch a glimpse of the shelf at Watsons or Guardian… I went to their launch event some time back and came back with these. New makeup! Now, will I enjoy using them? I … Continue reading