Posted in February 2012

Who needs to shell out that much money for a fabric coated binded ruled notebook from Prints? Let it not be me. waxlyrical.@change alley


二二五。五月天「诺亚方舟」演唱会那晚,跳了,笑了,哭了,闷了。所谓的「第二人生」即将要展开了。 我也跳回来这一片属于我自己的「空地」,写一写,看一看,说一说。 Everytime I reach a low point in my life, it’s almost about the same issue: not satisfied with my present life. Life to me is best experienced in the 24 hour period. Wake up, work, walk, wash, sleep. Repeat. 6x a week. That has been the stretch that myself can’t bear. I’m not … Continue reading