Posted in May 2010

A brand new day

And it didn’t suck! 🙂 Just the cough and flu. Even my nails turned out better than expected! 🙂 Tml is the start of a new lifeworld for me! Huats. May I survive n meet awesome ppl

Therapy for the soul

Been a mad rush. Been taken for granted. Been shortchanged. Been distracted. Been loved but not reciprocating. Still bein loved. Still in a mad rush. But won’t be shortchanged. Will reciprocate, once again.


Public display of anger. Work and stress is taking a toil on us. We miss our quality dates and I hope I’m well enough for a night on the grass and some cuddling. The other kind of PDA. Fell sick. Don’t mention the time wasting briefing I had. Made my passport today! And splurged on … Continue reading

In love.

Exams are done and over with. Internship is up next! These days will pass like a whirlwind and I need awesome energy to get me by. I need to switch my sleeping hours back up again! Last few weeks hv been a total blur. Outings and chilling with pooh was great but constantly interjected with … Continue reading

Things to do.

I don’t need a haircut but I may want one. I don’t need a manicure though u may offer me one 🙂 I am waiting for a lost mail. I am waiting for an item to be shipping over from hong kong. I am waiting for my items to reach sg then packed and sent … Continue reading

a matter of principle.

there are some things i just cant stand. which irks the hell outta me and then some.  i cant stop things cuz i’ll be relegated to being a mere spectator i guess. what a show, is probably what i will end up saying.  but really, when all im watching is horrible horrible disintegration. or maybe … Continue reading