Posted in April 2010

Birth of the Nail Blog!

Hope you got the pun in the title heh. Visit 🙂 and be a follower hehe 🙂 My virgin attempt at documenting my consumerist behaviour with special attention to nails and bodyshop items I have owned thus far! 🙂 Wheeee

a consumerist.

sucked into consumerism so badly. all the ebay, polish blogs etc! cant help or can i? but at least im not buying cuz im monitoring my finances. and bad that he has to provide for me when we are out. all the time. mostly!  ugh. but im just craving. i hvnt succumbed 🙂 so pat … Continue reading


Today was a nice day. Although it got to the pt of holding hands subconsciously while we were hving dinner lol. We are like leeches to each other. At least I get to enjoy this kinda company. Like I always say, one yr later maybe I want also dun hv lol 🙂 Well, we also … Continue reading

dad-isms: I have told you my reasons for not moving in with someone before marriage and I know I probably sound old-fashioned and unrealistic.  I am telling you these things because I love you and don’t want to see you get hurt.  I know what you are thinking…its o.k…I would have thought the same thing … Continue reading

Wedding blog! Weddings! Celebration of love. I just can’t get enough. Always so heartwarming to see the love and joy of the couple. Ahhhh. Love. I know I’m obsessed but. I rather be obsessed that be dead cynical about it. And yea I’m glad to be heterosexual. I can’t imagine not being able to hold … Continue reading