Posted in March 2010

sometimes i end up preaching.

preaching so loud, i may fall deaf on those words coming out of me. thats a danger i gotta avoid, cuz i know how he hates that. and im so prone to it.  drafted Mar 23rd, 2010 3:44am

te quiero.

it’s amazing how i found someone who tries to let me win in every game although i never did ask for it nor felt like i had to win.  it’s amazing how i have been happy each day as i go to bed at night… its been some time alr… (i wanted to count the … Continue reading

I learnt.

That night dinners and talks with girlfrens is awesome too. Just don’t get carried away with myself lol. That my temper is really a trap. A Minefield that I can’t have the right radars on too. That love means bearing with me and then still loving me despite the ugliness of my traps. That love … Continue reading


plucked eyebrows today. must be the insane amt of makeup tutorials ive watched lately. plus the obsession about clearing the clutter. been lugging ard the huge stack of tourism readings that i hvnt done. SO HEAVY. no kidding. i bore the guilt burden for 2 days alr. done with biobiz part and started on spanish … Continue reading


im back on my desk again and my swivel chair! AFTER A LONG TIME. im a damned messy person and my dad even said tt i shld show my bf my room when he comes. then he may hv second thots as to whether he still wants me HAHA.  well i feel that the clutter … Continue reading