Posted in February 2010

:O – Greece is NWO Test Ground, Says Greek Reader


it’s only human to be able to focus on one feeling at a time, or a palette of a few shades of feelings at one time. but when you are in love, you should remember the feeling of heartache. when you are in heartache, i hope you feel love. from somewhere, somehow. maybe, many times, … Continue reading

What did you bring to work/ school today? i wanna start a blog like this. and receive contributions from all around the world…

i feel the need to rant. to whine, more appropriately. SIGH I MISS HIM SO MUCH. the songs that are playing on my itunes… the msges in my phone… the photos on my MSN… my Facebook. i am immersed. im not complaining, nor do i regret my choice. but i realised this longing for him … Continue reading

Global Nomad.

tiffanyhoran: I am definitely going to use the idea that identity is constructed through upbringing and environmental factors as opposed to it being something a person is born with. I have so many projects in my mind that would relate to this. I was told I was a ‘Global Nomad’ growing up, sometimes they’d call … Continue reading

Friday. Fried day.

Ahhhh I survive most part of the day doing work thats real constructive.. Watched more himym cuz it made mr laugh a little. I used to laugh more.. Am I losing my humour sense?!?! NoooOooooooooooooooooo I miss him, those sudden bouts of “I-miss-him-ness” just keep coming haha.. I think I’m sticking to my max vegetarian … Continue reading

I’m proud of myself fo surviving maniac Thursday! Well I’m halfway through them… I can conquer them! Es no problema! I miss you, but I’m coping well 😉 New nail colours! Hot shimmer pink on mi mano and orange n blue sparkles on toes hahaha.